Updates: Badass, Sexy, and Adult!

Well guys, we have updated the badass gallery with some pretty amazing cosplay. We have updated the sexy cosplay gallery, and we finally after almost a week updated the adult cosplay gallery.

We have been pretty swamped with the model request that we have received! Almost 80 models have sent their portfolio’s in 4 days time! So, the team and I have been pretty tied up just responding to emails and having follow up calls with the potential models.

So, without further ado – is that the right word? – we bring you a few of the pictures (minus the adult gallery which can be found here) For the readers who have been following our blog we started talking with a model named Black Cat who had a really awesome deadpool costume that she crafted! Check it out here she is a pretty cool Aussie chick and I hope she decides to work with us, but we have found another deadpool, and he… well he is just bad ass; take a look below.

awesome deadpool cosplay

Are you seeing the detail that went into the bodysuit? Airbrushing is hard, and airbrushing shadows to match the costume is even harder, particularly when the muscles on your body don’t show through the costume. The proportions on this costume are almost perfect. The gun he is holding is a pretty realistic prop, and if you look at the belt I would call him a legit Merc with a Mouth.

Now the next model is a wonderful model who goes by Kitty Honey. The picture below has her portrayed as Mrs. Marvel, and my word does she have a nice…costume. What did you think I was going to say? She is another model that we would like to work with. Such a beautiful Argentinian woman, with a passion for cosplay would make her a perfect fit at XXXCosplay.net so if you guys want to see more of her here at XXXCosplay.net drop her a note and let her know she has fans over here that would love to see more sets.


So, that is going to cover it for today, but please be sure to check out all the galleries. The badass gallery the Sexy gallery and finally the Adults only gallery

Until next time loyal readers and true believers!

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