Models Wanted
The goal of XXX Cosplay is to create the best adult entertainment website dedicated to Comicbook/Anime/VideoGame cosplay. We would like to help as many aspiring models as possible get their name known! So, email your photos to

XXX Cosplay is looking for the sexiest and best cosplay models. We want to take you from amateur to professional and get you paid along the way! XXX Cosplay receives over 500 unique views weekly. This will help you make a name for yourself, and we want to help you. Our models will receive their own section on the website, and as our website grows we will begin compensating our models.

(Although we are looking to become the number 1 Adult entertainment website, you don’t have to pose nude to be a model. You can simply choose to be a model to highlight your modeling prowess, but showing a little skin is never a bad thing in our opinion)

This is what we need from you in the email:

Verification picture: A picture of you holding a piece of paper with your email handle written on it.
Type of Model? Bad Ass (very accurate detailed costume), Sexy(showing a little skin or teasing the camera), or Adult (You know your costume is bad ass, and you don’t mind showing a little ass.)
Pictures: We want a face-shot, full body costume shot – anything else is your choice surprise us…

Finally the email one last time that you need to email all of this to is

Your name:



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