DCUO Contest is LIVE!!!

Guys, we were shocked at how much skin some of these girls were willing to show… We were also shocked at the flexibility of one of the girls. You really need to check out the contest! Show them some love, the winner of the contest will be decided March 23rd so enjoy these lovely ladies.

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Who wants to be a Cosplay Model?

We currently have over 50 beautiful girls and 80 fine gentlemen looking to become XXXCosplay models. If you are interested in modeling for us (no experience necessary) you simply need to send us an

email us and in the email attach 3-5 pictures. We respond to all model inquiries in 24 hours. Read more

Updates: Badass, Sexy, and Adult!

Well guys, we have updated the badass gallery with some pretty amazing cosplay. We have updated the sexy cosplay gallery, and we finally after almost a week updated the adult cosplay gallery.

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XXXCosplay Facebook, Twitter, Contest

Guys, we are starting to entry pics for the Sexiest DCUO Player Contest and they are nice! I don’t want to spoil any of them this early, but be on the look out late next week. I am really wanting to show these sexy ladies off, but my boss says March 1st.

Also, we have a facebook page – It is safe for work, just a lot of ass shots from our “sexy cosplay” gallery. Facebook will have images such as…

So, please check us out at Facebook. While on the topic of Facebook, we also have a Twitter and a Tumblr that you can follow.

Now back to the Sexiest DCUO Player Contest , We are accepting your photos until February 25th for the March contest. Any photos submitted after February 25th will be put into the April contest.

Enjoy viewing true believers! Until next time.

Enter Cosplayer Black Cat!

This girl is awesome. She is actively engaged with her fans on her Facebook

Black Kitty Cosplay and she is incredibly talented. XXXCosplay.net is going to try and set up an interview or maybe a guest blog spot with this young, vibrant, sexy, diva. She appears to be very busy with work. Check out more of her pictures below or go to her Facebook page, I am sure she would love to hear your comments! Read more

Bad Ass Cosplay Update!

Guys, we have been searching the web for not only the sexiest Cosplay, but also the best cosplay costumes we can find, because well… A bad ass cosplay costume is just as cool to look at as a sexy cosplay – we are all geeks here, its ok. Below are a few pictures of some of the awesome bad ass cosplay costumes we have updated in the bad ass cosplay gallery.

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DCUO: Sexiest Female Player Contest

So, the team and I were talking today about ways to expand our audience and one of the guys said, “why not hold a contest giving ladies the chance to win free legendary membership in DCUO (DC Universe Online)” I didn’t even have to think about it. I loved the idea! Come read more and learn about how you can win DCUO legendary membership for 3 months!

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Geek Themed Swimsuits!

Wow! There are a lot of really nice geek themed swimsuits out there, and we are aiming to find them all here at xxxcosplay. If you have a swimsuit that you would like to model you simply need to send us a picture and we will highlight you in one of our blog post making you the center of attention on XXXCosplay.

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